Web Application Testing

Web applications form a critical part of many businesses. Web Applications provide convenience to employees, customers and partners who require access to information transact on that information. As a result, Web Applications provide a porthole to potentially sensitive, critical or confidential information e.g. credit card numbers, medical records, confidential company financial results, etc

In a world where data breaches occur on a daily basis, attackers are very well-versed on techniques available to circumvent naively constructed Web Applications. Their attempts to get at it are often unwittingly assisted by several important factors. Conscientious organizations who carefully protect their perimeters with intrusion detection systems and firewalls etc. often fall foul by the vulnerabilities overlooked within the designs of their Web Apps.

With tight schedules, high pressures and demand, placed on developers with little to no security training Web Applications are often architected with minimal consideration for security. The primary focus is typically placed on performance and functionality with security taking a backseat. This is why the majority of data breaches occur at the application level.

In today's environment, data breaches must be in the forefront of company's security policies. A proactive approach must be taken to Web Application security. Unvetted applications can pose a wide-open door that could be devastating to any organization. A data breach is irreversible.

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