Physical Security

One of the more challenging areas of FIPS 140-2 is meeting the physical security requirements. Mandated for security levels 2 through 4 it is an important area to ensure conformance early on in a project for any newly designed or updated module. Changes to a module late in development can turn out to be costly.

Penumbra's depth of knowledge and experience in this area is second to no other. They have detailed knowledge of all areas of FIPS physical security including tamper envelope design, tamper detection and response mechanisms, epoxy coatings, tamper seals, pick-resistant locks, strong enclosure design and understanding opacity and probing requirements.

Penumbra provides Environmental Failure Protection (EFP) testing for FIPS 140-2 Level 4 module's.

Penumbra's testing and evaluation services extend to other industries such as the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) Payment Card Industry (PCI), Personal Identity Verification (PIV), to name a few

Penumbra offers consulting for vendors early in each project to ensure common pitfalls are avoided.

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