Penumbra Security founders and personnel are leaders in Information Security, standards and governmental compliance. We offer security risk management, security planning, security engineering, Information Security consulting and conformance testing for various environments.

FIPS 140-2 Conformance Testing and Compliance Cryptographic Algorithm Testing Cryptographic Module Conformance Testing Physical Security Testing and Compliance Consulting Environmental Failure and Protection Testing Postage Evidencing Systems (PES) Testing & Evaluations IT System Security Audits and Infrastructure Assessments Disaster Recovery Plans and Implementation Security, Cryptography, Cryptographic Key Management Access Controls Firewall, IDS, IPS configurations Threat Analysis and Risk Reduction Physical Security IT Infrastructure and Web Application Penetration Testing Application and Test Tool Development for Cryptographic products


Penumbra Security is a provider of Information Security consulting, testing and evaluation services to companies seeking standards compliance. Located near Portland, Oregon, Penumbra's team of Information Security professionals have a vast experience in a wide range of environments. Penumbra Security is a NVLAP accredited Cryptographic Security Testing laboratory (Laboratory Code 200983) for test methods for FIPS 140-2 Levels 1-4, Security Requirements for Cryptographic Modules, and for testing of Approved security functions. Penumbra has developed a Postal Systems Evaluation Program from their extensive experience in this field. This experience includes aiding in the development of standards such as the International Postal Meter Approval Requirements (IPMAR), Information Based Indicia Program (IBIP) and the Intelligent Mail Indicia Performance Criteria (IMI PC). Our staff has been an integral part of the postal testing and evaluations program and its improvement over the past 10 years. Penumbra's professional security engineering team conducts domestic and international security assessments on products and networks for compliance to multiple accepted worldwide security standards that included FIPS 140-2, IPMAR, FRANKIT, IBIP, ISO and ANSI. Our staff has specialty training and our experts in physical security and non-invasive security penetration testing techniques, Auditing and Penetration testing.

Penumbra Security provides expert security and technical services to commercial and government entities. They offer Information Security conformance testing and other evaluation services, including consulting and standards authoring. They also offer services such as penetration testing, application vulnerability assessments, physical and logical security, and network security audits. Specializing in the following product classes: Cryptographic Modules Postal Security Devices (PSD) Hardware Security Modules (HSM) Postage Evidencing Systems (PES) Voting Systems Networking Equipment and Computer Systems High Trust Software Secure Integrated Circuits Smartcards Point of Sale Terminals.


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